NuMoney is inviting IKI GUIDE to host a seminar on ICOs and how to spot those that are most likely a scam.

How to spot legit coins from scam coins

Speaker: Wan Wei, founder of IKIGUIDE

Soh Wan Wei is a public relations practitioner who used to work in Europe and Japan. She holds a masters in public relations from Aalto university school of business, Finland, and a bachelor in economics with honours from NUS.

As someone who does hype in the Cryptocurrency scene, Wan Wei has her point of view on different ICOs and how to differentiate the real ones from the scams. ICOs are high-risk investments but one can have good returns if invested in the right ones.

Date: 19 May 2018, Saturday
Time: 2pm-4pm
Location: NuMoney HQ 
6 Harper Road
Leong Huat Building #02-07



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