Calling All Gamers: Here’s How You Can Earn Some Extra Income

Are you a gamer? Have you ever wished that you can earn money while playing games? That will only happen if you are a professional gamer, however, being a leisure gamer who puts in slightly more time than the average people. But fret not as technology has advanced in such a way that it is possible for you to earn some extra cash through gaming.

With many companies using blockchain technology and coming up with their own cryptocurrency, WAR FIELD company has unveiled its first-person shooter (FPS) game that allows players to win cryptocurrency. WAR FIELD’s Golder (GLDR) is their cryptocurrency, which you can use to bet on your character’s life.

How does it work is that before a player starts the game, he can buy a game weapon from a list (ranging from free ones to ones that players can purchase) and after which, he will proceed on to deciding the amount that he wants to bet on his character before starting the game. The company plans to launch a marketplace and new battlegrounds, as well as releasing mobile versions. Golder tokens will be available during the company’s crowdsale campaign, which has already started and will last until November 15, 2018.

Monetizing gameplay is not a new market as there has been an increasing stream of computer games that have used cryptocurrencies in one way or another over the past few months. The first title that could legitimately be called a ‘crypto-game’ was Dragon’s Tale which launched back in 2013 as a beta, which people has continued to play till today. So if you are more than just a regular gamer, here’s your chance to earn some extra income!