News of the Week

Crypto investors can now enjoy better rates with Coinbase’s new plans that make them on par with rivals such as crypto exchange, Gemini.

Thousands of Bitcoins that were missing since 2014 has reappeared. Since this got traced back to a black market in Silk Road, these coins may have been obtained through illegal means.

A mysterious investor has predicted the decision that Goldman Sach made, which led to a drop to a tremendous drop in Bitcoin’s market price and sold his Bitcoins a few days prior.

With Enjin Wallet’s latest update, you will be able to keep all your expensive hero’s skin safe on Mobile Legend, as log in now requires your fingerprint. 

Storing your cryptocurrency with Gemini will now be safer than ever as your private keys will now be stored in a cold storage.

NuMoney is Southeast Asia largest cryptocurrency exchange and also a Bitcoin shop that helps with a one-time purchase or monthly purchases.

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